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Lulus passion for cakes and all things patisserie began at the age of 12, being surrounded by 5 sisters filled with birthdays, occasions and events gave her the opportunity to showcase her love of baking. By making delicious and beautiful cakes she was able to share her gift with family and friends.

Her parents strong work ethics instilled in her a drive to perfect her art in the patisserie world, she continued to work under many bakers and patisserie chefs - knowing ultimately it was her dream to have something of her own.

She completed her Diploma of Patisserie at AUT, with top honours of the class.

She was offered an opportunity of a life time to work in New York under Kiwi chef Matt Lambert at his acclaimed Michelin star restaurant - The Musket Room, there she was able to hone her skills to a fine dining level. This experience taught her so much about the food, dessert and hospitality industry and after a year abroad she was ready to take her passion back home and start her own venture.

Cakes by Lulu is a creation of the beautiful things Lulu loves to bake, for any occasion she wants to understand her clients and bring to life their vision. She treats each cake like it’s her first and has such pride in ensuring every mouthful is worth the bite.

We hope you enjoy the love and passion that has been put into her new baby.

We thank you for your support and hope we can continue to spread joy and happiness through our creations!


"Creating life long memories"


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